Other Services We Offer


Data Maintenance

Sometimes keeping your data up-to-date can be the hardest part. eCatSolution can help enter your updates in your preferred format, or we can develop a database structure that will make the entering and updating of your data easier to perform. We have also developed catalog programs for customers in several formats including Oracle, Access, SQL Server and FoxPro.

Image Management

If you need help getting your product images into the correct format required by your data recipients, or you need help removing the background from product shots, we can handle that in-house. We can also maintain your image library if desired.

Interchange & Product Attribute Management

We can help get your interchange and product attribute data into the correct format required by PIES, and maintain it if required. Whether it's providing templates for the data required or getting the correct Brand AAIA ID's assigned to parts, we know what to do.

Catalogs – Printed & eCats

As our name implies, eCatSolution has in-depth expertise in the development of eCats. We have developed several nationally distributed DVDs in stand-alone and PDF format. Databases can also be used to feed the output of online catalogs and shopping carts.

eCatSolution can help in the production of your printed catalog. We provide layout services utilizing InDesign and can develop macros that can import and automatically format your data. We also have working relationships with several printers that specialize in catalog production and can obtain quotes for your printing projects.

Data Conversion / Formatting

eCatSolution provides conversion (mapping) and formatting services to all the major automotive formats and custom formats. These conversion services can be a one-time mapping, or they can be an on-going service with adds/deletes provided in the required format.

Data Entry

Sometimes your data only exists in printed format and needs to be entered into electronic format. eCatSolution can create the required database structure and enter the data. We offer manual data entry and OCR services.